• Die Grotte des Osiris, 1972, Radierung, 48 × 37 cm
  • Chymische Hochzeit, 1972, Lithographie, 41 × 30 cm
  • Mensch, Vogel, Gestirn, 1972, Radierung, 27 × 17 cm
  • Cherubinisches Mandala, 1972, Radierung, 29,5 × 19,5 cm
  • Tritonensäule, 1972, Radierung, 14,5 × 22,5 cm
  • Die Fahrt nach Abydos, 1972, Radierung, 14,8 × 23 cm
  • Sonnenstadt, 1976, Aquatintafarbradierung, 14 × 17,5 cm
  • Nillandschaft, 1976, Aquatintafarbradierung, 14,5 × 17 cm
  • Horus und Uräusschlange, 1976, Aquatintafarbradierung, 15 × 15 cm
  • Das flammende Horusauge, 1976, Aquatintafarbradierung, 14,7 × 15 cm
  • Der Wächter des Horizonts, 1976, Aquatinta Farbradierung, 15 × 15 cm
  • Eintritt in die Bereiche des Jenseits, 1976, Aquatintafarbradierung, 14,4 × 17,8 cm

“I understand painting and sketching as acts of disclosure, like fog that gradually lifts, allowing a landscape to be seen through it. This obscuring mist would correspond to the whiteness of the canvas or paper. But making visible an invisible world isn't a mechanical process:  rather, it is an ongoing dialogue, an exchange, and also a wrestling with the form. The resulting pictures pursue no particular ideological intention; they seek neither to illustrate nor to recount something that could also be expressed in words. They are hymns to beings that exist in another rhythm of space and time, beings that can embody themselves as plants or animals, landscapes or human faces.”

Fritz Hoerauf´s art is visionary, drawn with  high precision in both perspective and detail. His modus and style are related to romantic art, symbolism, surrealism and phantastic realism. He draws and paints with the skill of a Renaissance master,  while travelling through the dimensions of a timeless world.

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Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Plastiken, Architektur

Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Architecture

Fritz Hörauf’s motifs are mythic landscapes, paintings, portraits and architectures. Envisioned places and faces, and abstract folded forms of figures and sketches, point toward a coherent system and toward intimations from myths, religions and lost cultures. This volume traces a  widely branching  system.

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